big magic real soon.

new tage from Kansas City.
oh and i answered all the questions on the message forum.

new tage from tennessee thanks to paul g.

2 new tages on the way hang in there im just a bit lazy.

new photo section of some bs photos. Ill get back in the game. (HermitDorsa: also the photo u put of me on their makes me look like some random scum u found on the side of the road)

well i know i have died on the updates but for now go to whodat website and watch there videos.

CRUNKTAGE 6! NEW SONG OF THE DAY. this is thanks to devin: click here

well tampa was alright so for the video agenda this week this is what is coming for a fact a new documentary not hidden (stoessel i need all the second angles that you filmed) crunktage (johnny asap) adn maybe montage 27 maybe. As for photos i have some new on but, all i need to do is drop off some rolls to get developed. sorry for the lag in updating the sites its just i dont have a camera yet. also check this site out: www.pandora.com and wait for the box to load, type in a favorite artist.

off to tampa again for the second week in a row hoepfully there will me a new montage by then, or maybe another documentary, seeing that last week we started out with the idea of making a documentary but not landing enough tricks to complete one. maybe this time.

Bob has finally hit florida traveling from philly and all over the world. Also for those of you who found the documentary the easy way nice job but for the one person that actually found that one pixel seriously you deserve an award.

New photo section is up along with the documentary but since the documentary is 73mb and 25minutes long i hid it so well that hitting the tab key wont work. Its 73mb long so if 100 people watch it my website turns off, you understand.

I finished the documentary and i will put it on soon, there will also be a new photo section by harrison steg, and crunktage 6 should be done.

Well kuzma is all over the internet :click here

Ok ok first off DANES FRONT WHEELS DID TOUCH I DONT OWE SHIT, second off i would like it if you would take the time to watch this hour long video:
click here also as for dane harrison josh and I there is nothing like getting chased by a shadowy silhouette in an abandon wharehouse.

New montage by Bobby Maher you can check it out here or on his site: http://www.bobby.kinesisfilms.net
Also new links so check em out.

New photo section under 2006 and a ton of new links coming tomorrow. New song. New ramsey updates.

Well we went to Philly and took the train to New York for one day so tons of photos and Secret tages and Montage 27 will be on soon. I have already started them. Any footage that you would like in montage 27 contact me.

New secret tage hahahah and there are 99 members on the message board almost 3 digits. Spring break is right around the corner and still no wintertage so you know what F wintertage when we go to philly we will just make one giant montage. More new photos coming soon also. New links will be posted also.


I exceeded my bandwidth so instead of wasting my bandwidth I have placed a save target as link on crunktage so you can save it to your computer, I will also soon be putting alot of the montages under archives and begin going through my stats and seeing who is downloading more than a gig a month. New photos soon to come along with other things.


ok well its always good to have different perspectives on the skating world down here in south florida and here is a new addition to the skateboarding website family: http://www.whodatproductions.com/
i will be adding a few more links to those little boxes you see at the bottom sometime soon. i always love going through my website logs and finding the most random people linking this site to there myspaces, spanish myspaces, message boards underground sites you name it. That is how i found the whodat website, and someone jacked a photo of kane for there myspace heroes section.

Seriously try and beat level 3 this game is thanks to kyle for finding it.
and i updated the engine page.

Ok well stoessel didn't lke rewind tage so he wanted it off...NEW PHOTO SECTION IS ON.

Getting a new camera now and another montage is on. OH YEAH THE FIRST TRICK IN REWIND IS 5050 LATE FLIP SORRY FOR THE COMPRESSION.

I added 2 new songs since i wasn't home to add it on saturday. Hang in there im getting a camera soon.


website is now renewed for another whole year and once again there is a new song of the day which will be everyday so i can stop posting that there is a new one everyday, if you understood that. I really need a camera badly and i am going to get a vx1000 sometime soon just for the time being, since its the only camera on ebay for $404 (japaneses kind)then sell it when i have enough money for a dvx100a....so if your wondering where is wintertage? Well send me footage so it will speed the process up seeing that i dont have a camera and all. As for those crunktages there will be plenty of them since johnny has his own camera now and if i must say myself crunktage 4 was damn good.

Got to RENEW my hosting since it ends in 2 days also CRUNKTAGE 4 is on, along with new song of the day.

For all us South Florida heads
check out:
Neighborhood Skateboards 4472 N.University DR.
Lauderhill,Fl 33351 (954)-578-0403. sick shop,great deals.Come support.

New friends tage on JFI website by Howard.

2 new tages and i am starting on the belated winter tage.

go on kuzma and watch the new picture fight short film.

New photo section.

New trick tips if it even helps.

For those of you that are still with us JFI has montage 8 out and Crunktage 3 is now up and a new photo section is coming soon; i really need to get crackin on a new camera so i can get the footage up but i have about 4 tapes to import and hopefully enough footage for a belated wintertage.

AGGGHHH sorry sorry sorry i died for a while i am rescanning all of my slides and mf with the new 8400f scanner and i will post a new photo section by me ASAP and crunktage 3 will be here soon along with a new tricktip thanks to our connecticut friends.

WOW really sorry for teh huge gap in updates but i had to build a new computer and i finally got it up and running but i have to put alot of my photos back on for the next photo section and who knows maybe wintertage. Philly spring break. I'll try to jump back on this site.

hmmmmm good news i turn on my computer and my music drive with 3,700 songs is corrupt and unreadable...thanks to a program called GetDataBack i managed to recover 3,105 songs. hell yeah. stay tuned for updates.

new short film for all you shuveters.

OK there are some links below for your everyday use...edline, myspace, weather underground, spyware removal sites. I will be adding more links soon but for now here is another spyware removal site. http://www.safer-networking.org/ It's officially December and that means cold weather but here in Florida there is a slight difference. The GL2 has been sold, and a new camera will be on the way. New videos coming soon and after this weekend if all goes well there will be a couple new montages.

ok back off again new tage by cory dorman and new links below and slowly changing things around here, and the banger of the last tage was the switch varial heel riverwalk not the 180. that is the credits.

montage 26, after 2 months of not filming we got most of our footage this saturday, and yes the banger is switch.

new montage by rawblaze. blah holidays.

argh i know montage 26 is taking a very long time, well its because we aren't cracking down we dont film as much as we used to we kinda just chill and skate, but for now there is a new short film.

Well suprisingly i just found out that 2 ships full of pirates tried to taek over a cruise ship with missiles. sweet. Also I overheard that the belle glade/pahokee area got hit just as bad as new orleans suprisingly no one even knows or cares. Maybe ramsey was wrong about Bush.

new montage by howard (howardtage2)

NEW JFI MONTAGE LOCATED ON THE LINK ABOVE. (william newton repping the kinesisfilms tshirt)

wow i was going through the computer looking for photos and i found a bunch of uncompleted photo sections and videos, so for now there is a new photo section.

new short film and top graphic and new photos and videos coming all this week.

new montage by rawbee

well along time ago there was something called montage 13 which i made if you dont recall go check it out under archives...well there is this site


which has there summer '05 montage which would happen to be exaclty like montage 13 (made last year)here is the link to the exact tage so you can dl it (right click save target as on the link here)http://www.cs-resource.com/forky/Video/Let%20Go.mov

i really hope this is just a joke and not someone elses actual tage if they did happen to make it soo identical as to mine, then by all means im flattered.

2 new short films

new montage by dustin and soon i will start cleaning up the site and moving things to archives and adding new headers and new links.

new montage

new ramsey update

Crunktage 2 and a new ramsey update. Enjoy the day off.

new montage on JFI

new tage

new tage

2 new shortfilms

montage 25

new montage

new tage

older montages were moved to archives.

new montage

New montage

new montage

montage 24 is up.

new tage

OK new stuff on SDP and on JFI also new montage on KINESISFILMS.

New Panoramic

montage 23....new short film too.


jellomonkey.com has an update and for all you young ones out there this site is from the original editor for all the old iws videos.

New Short film and wild in the streets montage should be on by tonight.

new photo sections and 3 new panoramics and a new montage by mccall.

i have 140 pictures a couple of panoramics a shit load of footy from Emericas Wild in the Streets: Philadelphia. so just wait it out.

hunchtage v2.5

new montage by cory dorman

im running kinesis films while troys gone, if you have a montage instant message me

New short film you figure it out.



New Hunchtage on brought to you by talin

2 new things under Short Films; bowling and abc..............Montage 21 is up............under the "other" is my battle ship setup for you lil guys that want to know what runs kinesisfilms.net

last day of may and New montage and new short film.

New montage on by raw-bee again

2 new vids MONTAGE 20 EDITED BY RAWBEE and this other thing under that other thing.

Montage 18/19 is up and the credits part will be the next half out.

it is now 10:44 adn finally 2 new photo sections are up.

New Montage by talin

New photo section by Devin and new Montage

Montage 17 should be out soon not going to be a long one though. 6 new photo sections but with that much of a build up i dont know how i will put them on. New PANORAMIC OF MIA.

Tons of new photos to be put on just got to have the time and motivation. Digital and Film ones.

That's right MONTAGE 16 IS ON and new photo section coming like whoa.

ok, .......wow for no reason I am motivated and i did it 2 NEW PHOTO SECTIONS ARE UP,....I am actually in the mood for making and writing more PROFILES, and maybe something else?

New bw photos on but not the ones i wanted to put on so the color photos will be on soon when i get motivated they take too long since i have alot of them.

New photo section which is all the artwork i've done in the past 2 months i think?
well its not the new photos i have developed but those will be on to when i get around to being motivated..... and a new sort of like a montage will be on soon.

Ahhhh SDP has an update check it out at http://www.sdp.vze.com/ and new photo section and link section coming in like whoa!

Since it seems i Exceeded my bandwidth and was suspended for a while i had to correct the problem and make it so that evertime you want to watch a video you wont have to play the video directly on my site you can download it and keep it on your computer which will save my bandwidth tremendously. All the 1-14 montages have been moved to the archives section, and please lets not over due the watching of the videos.

New Montage by Devin, New photo section by John Mike, and New Short Film that I was supposed to edit 3 months ago.

New photo section......... also a montage was supposed to be put on tonight but someone *devin* messed up the keyframe rate so he has to do it again... and remember keyframe rate is set to 29.97 frames for dv editing. Woot Woot.

wow im supposed to have alot of mini vids on by now but i cant seem to focus and finish them but i will try to get one out by tonight. That new photo section will come out when ever i finish this last roll i got. And if anyone has photos out there that they want people to see i will give you a spotlight sort of thing. just email me at the link located on 1/19/05

Went to target today so a new video not montage is on.

I am starting montage 15 which is a recap of everything you see on the site and some other stuff i was saving for the video but who cares right? If you want to be in montage 15 email me at troy@kinesisfilms.net

New Urban Skateboards montage. 14 coming like now also. and i kinda just made montage 14 in a rush and didn't put any effort into it so blah blah balh waa waa waa no one reads this and if you do you are one of few.

New montage

Montage 13 is up also new photo section coming.

Montage 13 is up tommorrow and from now on all videos will be coded in Mpeg 4 which has excellent quality and smaller file sizes.
So to sum it up its better videos that download quicker. My goal is to get an incredibly small file size with good quality.

montage 12 has been amde quicker to download it went from 33mb to 23.7 mb.

New Montage.

New Photo section only 15 pics from 2 rolls soo not many good ones but a new montage is coming also probablly on by tonight. ohhhh matt ramsey made a pic ...click here

New montage edited by talin and tons of photos coming again.

New panoramic picture...

Well we have another 3 chip added to the collection its a vx2100. Just thought you might want to know.

Well as you can see the site is up and renewed for another year and a new montage is on edited by max.
More things coming real soon.

two new effect clips under archives (at the bottom) if your on aol just click refresh cause aol is dumb like that and wont show you recent things.

Montage 11 is done and some other stuff is coming too.

I always knew it...........click here

I am really trying to push a promo of ours out before this site expires so after this weekend if all goes well we will have another three tricks for the promo and then on the last week of the site being up I will put on some other videos that were never meant to go on the site but i will put them on anyway since i am not sure if i will renew the site or not if I renew the site then another year will go by with this crap.

wow its been a while and this site expires december 3 so i am putting it until then and then i dont know what i will do but there is still a promo of ours a new montage and another short video coming along with some other photographs. I also had to make this site from scratch again since i had to reformat my computer losing everything on the c drive which was all the photography and website stuff so now here is what i got and more is to come there was alot more made but i lost it all when reformatting.

School in two days and the reason there are no new montages is because of the promo/montage 7 they will be combined and after that there will be no more new montages iuntil the video comes out but there will be a new picture section soon more panoramic pictures more otherfilms also and maybe another mnpc .....nevermind the mnpc. But just hold on cause there is alot more to come. And for now there is a new life story................

you can IM me at: kinesisfilms

i have nothing better to do and the promo is almost done so be patient

ok finally started the panoramic section theres only one picture right now but there will be more and i am concentrating more on the photos now and a new profile is up.

well all the pictures in the profile seciotn have been written about so chekum.

New life story on....check it out.

Fixed old links so now they should all work and I made a new set of links of local and well known sites so check em' out

Davids being an ass so montage 5 is gone

New videos like whoa!!!!

well i atleast think its the 5th?
anyway the life story of bronson is on and montage 5 edited by david and montage is almost done due date is this monday.

ok this new montage is long over due and it is way to long so i split it into two montages 3 and 4, david never gave me his footage of north palm so thats not in it, but after these two montages there will be no new one for like 2 months since i dont want to end up using half the footage from our video in these montages just because you want more things to watch in your spare time.

I luv you bronson

someone brought this up to me that the link for message boards was not centered well...

Wow really bored so i put some skatespots i knew on skateboardspots.com
oh and on the site i will replace whats hot section with a profile section of every south florida skater i meet. sounds rediculous but i will do it.

!First off scroll down! Oh boy school is almost out and we will go every where.... new montage almost done just need more peoples footage and if you have any footage and would like to be in next montage email me or shout me a holla on da message board so the set date for the new montage is monday of this upcoming week so
-l473r *

Have you ever seen a kid take a dump in the middle of a street, well I have on the lighter side there are 4 new park clips so click on them and talk trash in the message board.

oK, new g-file video go get em tiger

Ok first off on every montage underneathe the video clip it says skaters featured
and none of them were danny so that means it was Chris Miller who did the laserflip not Dorsa oh yeah also sorry if i am not answering your email but i think there spam so if you were not answered please check your inbox or write me again !!also you need quicktime to watch these vids i will post a permanent link at the bottom of the page!!

Theres your new montage boys and girls......foshizzle

Two new vids one under other films and another under editing
second montage should be done on sunday and three new vids for gfiles section should be coming soon so for now this was an upshizzle for rilzzle my nizzle
god i only get gayer as the clock ticks and the video of coons is a joke so

Update foshizzle bisitchle

Alright only thing left to make stream are the mnpc videos the gfile videos are done. Next update coming?

sorry that the videos aren't streaming yet but they will be soon i already made the montage stream under kinesisfilms section so hold on....and for those who say i copied the layout of digital skate well guess what i did biiatch.

Alright I lied it's been a long time since this site
was finished but
now it is. Updates
should be atleast

New site is almost finished