New photo section under troy.

New video up under montages from tyler king


Spread The Good promo #1 is under montages....link section will be updated with new format....new photo section soon....and CHECK OUT GOTITONFILM.NET!!!! montage 3 filmed and edited by juan ordonez and the new gotitonfilm layout by andrea montoya!!!

Spread The Good promo #1 is under montages....link section will be updated with new format....new photo section soon....and CHECK OUT GOTITONFILM.NET!!!! montage 3 filmed and edited by juan ordonez and the new gotitonfilm layout by andrea montoya!!!

Mesh Tage by david stoessel now under montage section.....it's the very last video.

MONTAGE 30 IS NOW UP UNDER MONTAGES....dc documentary, 2 stair video, trick tips are also up under films section. thank juan for not making this 29.9.....and thank stoessel for once again letting me used left over throw away footage.....hope everyone enjoys montage 30.....there are 3 different sizes and i am working on another new compression method since i have ocd with quality.

new montage by tyler king

so about the contest....there will be a montage (best filming and editing) contest for a free board and some mini dv tapes......and a photography contest for a board and some film.....i will keep you posted soon.

new promo by andrew.

new promo by tyler king under montages.

the legendary crunktage 7 has come to life along with dylan perry day in the life.....under the montage section.......we are in the progress of making a video.....2 videos......and there will also be an upcoming contest....and other mystical things to fill the fantasy of the wandering mind.0o0o0o0o0.

so whats in store for kinesisfilms? a new section of information....and a sweet photo/viodeo contest for something free.

new short film for epileptics...i've been wanting to make this for a while now.....so one night stoessel, jose, delanois and i just made it...filmed by david edited by me.

new old ass montage from a while ago edited by stoessel....it's the first one on the montage page and johntage 4 has been moved to the archives.

new day in the lfie montage for last saturday july 12th.

alright so there is a new promo up edited by tyler king check that out...the blog alwasy has updates...kevin cairos photo section ahs been up for a while....and as for the voting thing....just wait.

im trying to make the site a little more integrated so i have added a rating system...from now on all the new montages and videos will have a 5 star rating system..you can see an example on the ATL montage...there is also a poll right now under the main image...last month we had 117,762 page views on our index.html which means single views....web traffic is nothing compared to what it used to be around 2 years ago...im looking into drupal but i think its a little over my head and this site...but i might try and integrate it into the site.

new photo section by kevin cairo...be sure to check out southskate.com in case you haven't seen their entry into the mesh media frenzy contest (which was a long time ago) then check it out here.

new montage from stoessel from atlanta.....it was on the blog a while ago....but for those who don't check it...your missing out....

new montage on gotitonfilm.net!! by eamon!!!

sooo ANTTAGE 4 on BUSTEDSKATE.COM ...probably the worst timed black flashes i have ever seen.

there is a NEW MONTAGE under the blog.....for a while now.



New PHOTO SECTION BY DORSA.....more to come...i still have to add other photographers...to the intro list...yay motivation!

so we have a good amount of footage and a shitload of photos.....all i need is motivation.

new spontaneous trick tips.

Wow i know i know...i think i am just too overwhelmed with the amount of things i can put on the site.....i am not sure where to start i am sort of caught up with the whole new photo section.....i will try to really crack down on this. sorry?

Eamon Ford Spotlight!

new short film by ralph and david.

2 new videos up...real updates coming this week.

sooo i am going to move all the photo sections into archives and start the new sections and spotlights for photography, this is the "just letting you know i have a plan" statement.

johnny made a cooking video so we couldn't help make one back ...new cooking video under montages to show how to really cook featuring chef ralph giunta.

the universe is literally ours, and i got the dvx fisheye!!!!!

so basically this is going to sound like some dumb ass shit but really........well i move to washington dc to save the world and die young but my love follows soon after, my only child is a badass that is going to save the world too, vaz is davids personal friend who may not be good but is looking out for him still, other friends find it at 28 in boston, ralph finds it soon and is happy, ralph can finally smile with me, remeber there are few who dance behind their eyelids, while the world just dances, it is genetics for ralph...luckkkky. how many people??? ohhhh the ones i love. im magical, and am really magical, and my wings are slightly larger now, as if i didn't predict this 11 months and 3 days ago.....hahaha yes magic indeed.....but for now 2 years of a thing, plus 1 year then another thing then government then 30 years old then badass mothafuckin, harrison hahahah 32......and jail........aaron true love im sorry, but sales?.....vaz yaz zaz hahahha wtf hahah sucks for david....i feel it all i feel it all....i really can see and feel everything, but i have just tuned it and everything else out for so long do to always being considered different....but nooow i am reopening up what i came to this place with. love you. you'll see. you'll all see.

7 guys one creek, new video on by Eamon Ford....um happy halloween here at 4:35am.

for those that didn't know there are 2 different qualities of montage 29.5 on adn i am trying to figure out some new compression settings to accomdate for the growing size in videos.

so far new photo section number 18 ending the group and paving way for the new spotlights. i will hide a video in the photo section soon, and tell you when so people dont freak ou,. and tomorrow there will be some short fun videos on, but for those interested in a photo interview (a good one this time) just contact me.

skate fl 2

Thank Camera 3

Ralph is back in business....shit is hitting the fan soon so hold on.

Check out the new show reel on Kuzmadv.com...and hobotage 4....and the new http://www.flaallday.com/ site.

New Spotlight.

well i finally moved...living with bustedskate.com a newton and a gabe. Internet was a difficult one with the intense failures of orange countys wiring skills. new computer setup means the idea of more monatges....or just an idea, actually only an idea since motivation lacks in many areas. right now im trying to relax and take it slow. but for now PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WATCH THIS: ZEITGEISTMOVIE.COM...its been out for months now nad if you dont want to wait for it to load then just dl it off google video or get a dvd rip off a torrent site.....its a free video anyways...please watch this video. get your head out of the ground, its time you took a walk.

Been There Done That Video Premiere......TONIGHT!!...be there...as for this weekend more filming for the nearly finished montage 30 is going down, but before the release of 30 there will be tons of photo and video spotlights showcasing individuals style and current work...and for anyone that cares...YES.. i am still 6 tapes behind on importing.

Been There Done That Video Premiere.........the 26th....anddd new short film and tons of secret videos hidden. SERIOUSLY.

Been There Done That Video Premiere..........kuzma short film.....alright im going to start montage 30 as soon as i find a song that motivates me to edit.,...any suggestions?.....i have the first one picked out in my head already but i need around 4 more songs.

new photo section.

new photo section.

Kuzmadv.com is kickin.

New black and white photo section.

New Photo Section and Montage 30 is now in progress.....remeber montage 15???? well it was a recap of 1-14 so now that we have gotten to that point again montage 30 will be a recap of 16-29 and then some... featuring as many skaters as possible with names included......but on the way before montage 30 will be some photography spotlights....some filming/editing spotlights....some documentaries......mayeb a short film....who am i kidding we never make those.....and hten montage 30......so when the time comes i will be excepting footage again for the next recap....enjoy the new photo section for now.

New Trick Tips and the ipod version of montage 29 is available on the black ipod button.

2 new photo sections

sorry for the size but i dont care.....new photo section in like 5......hours maybe.

new photo section of really random randoms.

a new experimental roll photosection...still importing the 8 tapes and then you will have a nice chunk of viewing material...around an hour long. Roughmans birthday was today.

New Medium Format Section from the mamiya...Happy Ralph Day and Harolds Birthday!!!!!
I am going to try my hardest to make it to ralph day.....have exams today until 9:50 tonight.

New Infared Photosection...road trip begins tomorrow.

New 35mm photosection i mentioned in the last post.

So i finally got the mamiya 645 pro so i now have another medium format/fisheye setup.....there are 2 new photo sections, one is a holga with negative film, and the other is a agfa billy-clack with black and white...they are meant to look old and fuzzy so enjoy....ther ewill be another 35mm section coming also.......and now that i have my setup again there will be skate photos...and all my wisdom teeth have been removed.

Ok....most of my exams are over.....which means more updates......tons of photos coming this week some kodak 3200 and some infared shots. Started the Google Earth Project it would be great if people could help contribute spots from down south to help alleviate the struggle....all this is under the forums under a new topic just login and it wil appear..as for footage wise i do have enough to throw together a quick tage like 28 again but everyone will complain because its not like 27.....sorry....so if you want a tage or not just tell me in the shout box.

New Short Film.

Check out 904skate for montage 1 and brett throws down more manual tricks.

New montage on BUSTESKATE.net.....and new photo section of more boring photos until i get on the gravy train.

New montage on status...i have some footage but im still waiting for more to make a short tage.

The real jfi (their new site)
And everyone show ralph some love he is in the hospital and from what I hear is sick enough that he wont be able to walk when he gets out. I HEART YOU RALPH.

Too much has happened....robby and bjd are no longer with us....all his tages are under the archives. Robby and BJD will never be forgotten.... through skateboarding, videos, photos, and people they are immortalized. There is a new photo section which is just some BS photos until i scan the others......the main photo is clickable.

And a month later.........still no updates....sorry? School is just really killing me right now...i am going to post some photos soon until i can get a few clips together for another short montage.....and maybe a short film...but basically this post is just a "this site is still alive" kind of post.

Tampa Am 07 winner. skatejax looks prettier...jfi is still ugly...same for busted...whodat must have died with kuzma....expo clips on southskate
......and this site is on life support.

Thanks to jfi for keeping the updates going on the local action....it's almost written as if it were a newspaper.

Montage 28 is up....new main photo thanks to edan.....and this also thanks to edan.

NEW MONTAGE and i also finished montage 28 but i will upload it tomorrow in the morning since there is this new video first.

more pbso photos! bronson....crazy pat....is a minor...he gets away this time.

3 new clips on USS.....here is one more for the holidays......Kuzma is now in a bmw commercial.....


If you have not registered for the video part contest you still have time so come in and sign up!

Here is the deal:
• Come in to Flip Trix, plunk down $20 to enter
• You will get a Flip Trix t-shirt that must be worn to get the footage ( to prove the footage was obtained during the specified time frame)
• You will have from November 18th to December 18th to complete the montage.
• After December 18th all submissions will be judged and narrowed down by Flip Trix team members. The ten best will then be judged by Osiris, Split and Flip Trix.
• There will be one Grand Prize Winner, and one Runner up!
• Once footage is turned in Flip Trix makes no guarantee that you will get it back, so make sure you keep a copy for you.
• There will be two age groups. 12 and under, and 13 and up.
• This is INDIVIDUAL footage not group/team footage!

i love how the ethnic race says "black"....here

well im definately skipping my class and driving to wpb tonight there is so much to do....i am goign to try and contact everyone....i have this idea.

the jfi update speaks sooo much truth......amazing.

anyone that views this website should also watch this movie...after it plays the first time keep letting it go it will play different trailers each time...the spanish one is the one you want to see.

sometimes i think wpb jsut gets too into it.

well its been almost over a year since montage 26....27 is now done, i hope i used all the footage that no one really cares about and won't get angry over....no hammers....3 songs used....15 minutes long no banger........banger will be in next tage.....since i have my own camera now i will be spitting tages out like old times......the whole intro footage was filmed by me everything else is thanks to stoessel and johnny...each with their own filming style....there was no real editing in this tage since i didn't film anything really and found it difficult to edit to there style in filming.....seriously thank you all for holding out and still coming here even if you only do talk shit...-lates

um i just might be starting a montage.

ok wow i am not taking down the site...i feel like tom from mysapce with all these crappy little shout box posts...let's try to keep the shout box free of all this trash talking, threats, and profanity.......and i know just by posting this it will only cause people to want to do this.......god damnit. New Documentary on BUSTED

some weekend clips on the forum...and make sure to check out this promo

happy halloween for the fortunate ones.

new vid on kuzma...new layout in the making for southskate (orlando scene)...2 new vids on uss...photos on jfizzle..along with this......

New main picture and rss feed enabled forums now.

Ok just put a new heatsink in my computer after ripping apart the motherboard.... this is it....zalman.....got some other nerd products but this thing is running sooo smooth after hours of leaving it on...this weekend we should have some footage and who knows maybe a new montage or maybe not.

Well i finally got the dvx100a!!!! so by next week it should be here...this means montages will finalyl be up seeing that i will have a cam once again.

Alright well I added some RSS feeds since i have learned about them and realized how useful they are so instead of constantly checking the site everyday you can click the rss feed and it will alert you when there is a new update and what the update is. I have added rss feeds for opera and firefox and one at the bottom of the page for all you stone-aged people using internet explorer...as for mac user on safari I am yet to test it on my mac but im sure your covered no matter what...and as for you firefox people out there...firefox is horrible it is growing in viruses just as fast as internet explorer has become along this is also the same for safari users.....i recommend switching to opera web broswer which is similiar to firefox but much more efficient and better looking with not one virus after 2-3 years of operation.....plus they have the most advanced browsing with my favorite...mouse gestures...and voice command....you can just say "kinesis" and it will load the site and it has built in widgets....crazy here's a look at it....opera web browser

Ok added some more links most you ahve already been too...and here is a video of a trick you must learn how to do, i am going to try it right now, adn so should you. HERE...oh and new video on whodat...check out updates on jfi for some suprises (you can figure it out by the color)..kuzma for new photos and short film....new window media has some matias/vladi footage under there news....maybe a new park in jacksonville?...new team members on uss....surf expo and skate clips on teh south skate updates....always keep up with NY.....thats basically it i try to keep a good hold on the florida scene...email me if you want your link to be put under the link section.


Just so you know since alot of people might not be aware of this but i have hidden montages throughout the site for quite the while now and i put all the montages ever hidden from the original site under the archives including all the documentarys made and other random clips.

Hmmm well i hope this doesn't kill his bandwidth but maybe in the futrure there will be another site...website intro...OH NAD THE FORUMS ARE UP ONCE AGAIN. NEW PHOTO SECTION IS UP!!!

Well the forums are up (another free forum so its pretty good for what you get)

well its 1:39 am which is officially the 2nd so this update counts for the 2nd but head over to kuzmadv to watch a day in the life of none other then devin jacoviello filmed and edited by kuzma......and apprently jeff rose is really good at that trampoline skating......

well i just came back from south carolina (summerville, charleston, columbia) there will be a new photo section as soon as i get the photos developed..also here are some sites for the south carolina skate scene.....cskate, and nobyl

well once again i have updated the list and if you dont know what the list is by now then thats a good thing......as for downloading over 1 gig of things on the site i am not cracking down on that since there haven't been any new tages and people have easily been viewing over 1.85 gig per person in some cases.....more new sprouts...i am thinking of purchasing a dvc80 which is basically a dvx100 without 24fps and all the controls for 24p......so yeah hopefully i will get back in the montage game some time soon.

email me if your one of the people going this spring break....email me...oh and i put up all the old short films under the archives so now you wont be bored for a total of 5 minutes before you complain again.

new throw away footage tage on busted skate edited none other then by "crunk" johnny.

new throw away footage tage on busted skate edited none other then by "crunk" johnny.

i heard it was the new sport taking over Also make sure to pick up the new computer arts magazine (has a tiger graphic on the front) for all you editors out there seeing that it explains the one effect that alot of us try to recreate and always have difficulty with.
And check out the new under the radar magazine.

wow thank you internet. here
also i added 2 new links one to 904skate and one to 561skateboarding.

wow seriously check out the new line of ipods and the shuffle is just rediculously small. APPLE

what the? those little rippers, gnar. ALSO CHECK OUT KUZMADV FOR DOMOKUN 3

new short film

check out the official new york link for the offcial skateboards promo, and a few profiles. Also there is a new skate park in manhattan. http://scottmarceau.com/ for some photos.

oh and for those of you who haven't seen the central florida video here is the link: spotless
and yet some more videos:
ben gore

shred shed

ok well i have collected some local skate links from around here make sure you check out southskate and check there new montage. As for this site i am starting some viudeos up i still have to go through the long process of making a whole new forum and i will put the short film section soon.

threw together the crappiest photo section ever.

if you haven't aready jump over to JFI to check montage 10.

Johntage saves the site with johntage4

i am scanning photos for a new photo section.

I know i am slow to updating but the shout box is up.

I am going to put up the forums, shout box, and short films up. There will be 2 new photo sections and 3 montages.

So basically this is the new layout of the site i am still working on adding a shout box and a new forum.

archived updates